WWE vs. TNA the video game!

#1RatedR1515Posted 7/25/2010 12:19:49 AM
Anyone like that idea? maybe one day they will get in a war wwe will win and get rights to the TNA name and make this game...maybe one day. No but really anyone like this idea. I no im not the first to think of it.
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#2Storm_risingPosted 7/25/2010 12:44:14 AM
Honestly, they are some what rivals already.. but I wouldn't hold your breath.. if vince buys tna, he will just bury it, like he did to wcw.. fire half the people, maybe more, and bury most of the guys who are left.. I doudt you'd ever see a game.. there's more of a chance to see wcw vs tna game, if wwe gets the rights.. you can always create tna wrestlers though.. honestly though, love the guys, but tired of both tna, and wwe..
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#3sora1390Posted 7/25/2010 6:34:27 AM
It would be awesome to see, mostly cuz the last TNA game sucked so bad, and Smackdown vs. RAW is gettin kinda dry.
#4Icetre22333Posted 7/25/2010 6:41:18 AM
Once Sting, Nash, Hall, etc are permanently retired and no longer under TNA contract I'd like to see a true WCW vs WWF video game with the smackdown vs raw controls. There would be a much better chance of that happening then a TNA vs WWE game.
#5Stevie_HPosted 7/25/2010 6:53:36 AM
We'd never see it. Even TNA now isn't half as big as WCW was when it died. That is a fact, look at the ratings, and TNA PPV buys are even less.

WWE wouldn't be stupid enough to have a game vs a poorly performing promotion who never truly grew big.
#6TallaricoSanPosted 7/25/2010 7:16:43 AM
If you want that, just grab WWF SmackDown!

or WCW Mayhem
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#7Turelio_0Posted 7/29/2010 10:03:23 AM
There is no way WWE would beat TNA in a wresting war. TNA simply has better performers. I also doubt Dixie would let WWE take over.
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#8MrRedlightPosted 7/29/2010 2:02:25 PM

^^^^ what do you mean wrestling war. Are you talking head to head? Cuz if you were living under a rock you would notice that tna tried that and they were buried. And i mean buried by wwe.

#9Bullet_V_1Posted 7/29/2010 2:45:43 PM

From: Turelio_0 | Posted: 7/29/2010 1:03:23 PM | #007
There is no way WWE would beat TNA in a wresting war. TNA simply has better performers. I also doubt Dixie would let WWE take over.

lol you know not of what you speak.
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#10bodacious43Posted 7/29/2010 5:05:00 PM
Some of TNA's performers are amazing, but they also have a lot of terrible performers. They tried to go head to head with WWE by moving Impact! to Monday nights to go head to head with Raw...the result was nobody watched Impact!. Raw is the better WWE brand though...if Impact! went up against Smackdown, they may have had different results.