How to unlock Mr. mcmahon?

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6 years ago#1
I spent the RTW of Jericho and I went out and had it unlocked, but can not find it anywhere. I also passed the RTW of John Cena that I have read that is unlocked but I get there.

How unlock Mr. McMahon?

Sorry for my english
6 years ago#2
You're supposed to unlock him on Cena's RTW
6 years ago#3
But I've spent the RTW of John Cena and I have not left anything
6 years ago#4
Well that's what I read on other thread... I went thru Christian's RTW and didn't unlock Stone Cold. Guess you gotta find them somewhere on the backstage area to fight and unlock them.
6 years ago#5
But then with every fighter that I find I have to push and fight?, So with everyone?
6 years ago#6
There are little mini stories that happen backstage during Road To Wrestlemania. Sometimes you'll get challenged by them. I believe there's 6 challenge matches per RTWM. You have to do all of these to unlock the legend I believe. And the McMahon you unlock during Jericho's RTWM is just an alt attire. You still have to unlock Vince before you can use it. You get that in Cena's.
6 years ago#7
thank you very much for the reply, but I have to go to the locker room, or the challenges are out?, and with it the challenge?, throwing them all?, or just talking?
6 years ago#8
Mr. McMahon is from completing all six challenge matches in Cena's RTWM. Look around backstage, talk to everyone, look for people who say more then "Go away.", beat them up on Superstars. They pop up on the Challenge List in order, so if you missed one, use the Time Machine and go back to look again.

If you don't have the Time Machine, I highly recommend you get that first. It's in Christian's RTWM, you put it together at the Elimination Chamber through a sidequest.
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