Christian's RTWM Guide - [All Unlocks and Challenges]

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Here's a Guide for Christian's Road to Wrestlemania Story to unlock all items, characters, and challenges!

- Week 4 after Peep Show - Talk to William Regal in Locker Room [Challenge Match 1]
- Royal Rumble (Before event) - Talk to Tyson Kidd or Regal near Arena (Unlocks Christian Civilian Outfit)
- Royal Rumble (Before event) - Talk to Big Show in Locker Room - Grab Hidden Item - Give to Big Show
- Week 5 - Talk to Kane next to your car [Challenge Match 2]
- Week 8 - CM Punk outside the Training Room [Challenge Match 3]
- Elim Chamber (Before event)- Talk to Edge in Locker Room - Go to GM Office and Talk to Vince
- Pick up the 3 Time Machine Pieces and meet Edge in Locker Room
- Elim Chamber (After) - Talk to RVD in the Green Room (Not sure if this is needed)
- Elim Chamber (After) - Fight Big Show in Locker Room - (Unlocks Edge Civilian Outfit)
- Week 9 - Talk to Jericho in the Training Room [Challenge Match 4]
- Win MITB and cash in against Edge in Week 10. (Go to your Phone, select "Phone", and choose Edge)
- Week 12 - Talk to Legacy outside GM Office [Challenge Match 5]
- WrestleMania - Talk to Stone Cold in the Green Room & defeat him at WrestleMania

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Awesome, thanks
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Keep at top!!
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Stone cold isn't in the green room for me.
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if he wasn't in the green room it means you didn't complete the previous 5 challenges
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thebokchoyman posted...
if he wasn't in the green room it means you didn't complete the previous 5 challenges

Exactly. You have to make sure you initiate all 5 challenge matches.

Austin will be the 6th and final one at WM.

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damn ive been beating people up this whole time
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Fantastic job, we need these for all the RTWM
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Stone Cold appears when "not cashing against Edge" too (not spoiling anything), in fact you can cash it after fighting Legacy.

Just win the 5 challenges and he`ll appear.

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