Roster Updates like madden?

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6 years ago#1
I've become a fan of how "Madden" updates there roster everytime something major happens. Why can't smackdown download,update like that, I mean we dont need every one, Sheamus, and at least the winner of Nxt should have been downloadable at least. Once a month we should get Something a new moves.......
Not changing this until WWE vs. Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago#2
I agree and while some may say they won't be a need for 2012 if that was the case I disagree.
If they charge people for the updates via DLC they would make quite a bit of cash and SvR 2012 can work more on the gameplay side of things.

They could also make the downloads work with 2012 or for those who have not bought the DLC put the downloadable wrestlers in there.

I don't know if this makes any sense but to me it would be a good thing.
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6 years ago#3
because a madden player and a wwe game model are two completely different things. in sports games the players added dont have their real face or anything. they are CAP. the game model for wwe takes a lot longer to build and all dlc in thq games are always made while the game is being made. not after so if a wrestler isnt there in time to make the roster chances are they didnt make him as dlc either.
6 years ago#4
@Ny- I understand all of that, but come on, If they can give me a BS model to cover a Daniel Bryant, until 2012, I'll take that, this year we didnt have any DLC, Im asking for something, instead of nothing give me moves, so i can add them. And the last DLC was Doink and Vader, I was thrilled with that, we have the capablity for DLC they should have used it, But i'm not complaining, just attempting to open the door for ideas. excuse the spelling.
Not changing this until WWE vs. Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6 years ago#5
Lol because in Madden all you're doing is shuffling the roster, n if someone new is downloadable, most of the time they look like a created in game player anyways.

i just hope that if its a DLC that we have to pay for, they at least look very accurate. They dropped the ball on Stone Cold last year, he was skinny n his neck was too long
6 years ago#6
ladt dlc was doink, vader, and bishwackers because they were supposed to be Legends of Wrestlemania DLC but sales were poor so they made them 09 dlc
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