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6 years ago#1
Moveset 1: Gregory Helms
Moveset 2: Charlie Haas
Moveset 3: Jaime Noble
Moveset 4: Shane McMahon
Moveset 5: Paul London
Moveset 6: Brian Kendrick
Moveset 7: Lance Cade
Moveset 8: Trevor Murdoch
Moveset 9: Big Daddy V
Moveset 10: Elijah Burke
Moveset 11: Boogeyman
Moveset 12: Hardcore Holly
Moveset 13: Val Venis
Moveset 14: Kung Fu Naki
Moveset 15: JBL
Moveset 16. Carlito
Moveset 17. Umaga
Moveset 18. The Great Khali
Moveset 19. Mr. Anderson
Moveset 20. Trish Stratus
Moveset 21. Brock Lesnar
Moveset 22. Goldberg
Moveset 23. Kurt Angle
Moveset 24. King Booker
Moveset 25. Jeff Hardy
Moveset 26. Samoa Joe
Moveset 27. AJ Styles
Moveset 28. Ric Flair
Moveset 29. Eddie Guerrero
Moveset 30. Roddy Piper

Legend Entrances
2.million dollar man perfect
4.rocky johnson
5.dusty rhodes or roddy piper
6.ace cowboy bob orton
7.eddie guerrero low rider
8.mick foley
9.ric flair

Superstar Entrances
1.kurt angle
2.booker t
3.king booker
6.heel flexing
7.pointing in air
9.heel arrogant
14.big daddy v
16.paul london
17.chuck palumbo(motorbike)
18.tazz favorite pointing
22.randy orton(old)
23.shane mcmahon
24.tommy dreamer
25.cody rhodes(old)
26.ted dibiase(old)
27.flip into ring
30.jimmy wang yang
31.jeff hardy
34.the brian kendrick
35.the great khali
38.on the phone beast
40.body builder

Diva Entrances favorite
3.torrie wilson
4.ashley massaro
6.candice michelle
7.bouncy and happy
8.trish stratus

Tag Entrances favorites
2.arrogant heels
3.fists in air
4.streching out
5.hawkins and ryder
6.vince and shane
7.cade and murdoch and kendrick
9.umaga and estrada
10.cena and troop
11.matt and jeff
12.the brian kendrick and jackson
13.jesse and festus
14.carlito and primo
15.2 women
legend1.legion of doom
legend2.million dollar man and andre
legend3.the rockers
legend4.the bushwhackers
mixed1.johnny nitro and melina
mixed2.edge and lita
mixed3.test and stacy
mixed4.arrogant man and woman
mixed5.charlie haas and miss jackie
mixed6.generic man and woman

Trio Entrances
2.spirit squad
4.generic 3 person
6 years ago#2
Bump, Thanks for the post
6 years ago#3
6 years ago#4

Thanks for the info. I hope you don't mind but I have 2 corrections I wanted to mention just in case you or anyone else wants to know

Diva 9 Vampire Diva (Ariel ECW)

Tag 15 The Bella Twins

6 years ago#5
another correction Legend 11 is Doink The Clown, that was the entrance he had on SVR2009 when he was DLC
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6 years ago#6
I hate it how they always have hogans entrance......but no moveset. Its like they are just
taunting those who want to create him.
6 years ago#7
legend 3 tag is the Headbangers I believe. Excellent list though
6 years ago#8
Glad it helped ya'll and thanks for the help identifying a few i missed!!!
6 years ago#9
Im still wondering if there is still a DX entrance?
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6 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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