Defeat Paul Bearer

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5 years ago#1
I have chosen John Morrison in Undertaker's RTW but I'm unable to knock Paul Bearer out in 90 seconds.How to knock him out?
5 years ago#2
I just kept spamming the running DDT & bashed him in the head with chairs. Finished him off with a strong grapple. You're close when he starts pleading. Took me 7 times.
5 years ago#3
very simple.

1) equip ur superstar with Fired Up.
2) smash Paul at Tv.
3) perform Sig move ,followed by 3 consecutive Finishers.

i won the match with 38 seconds left.

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5 years ago#4
could someone tell me how to do John Merrisons backstage finisher? cuz i cant find out how :(
5 years ago#5
I believe the only way to K.O. your opponent in backstage brawls is with a strong grappling move, a strong strike, or an environmental (grapple) move. This is only applied when your opponent's health is low.
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5 years ago#6
I use R truth.
But i change his finishing move to Undertaker's hell gate.
My tactic is smash paul twice on the tv.After that use my sig move on him.
After that straight away lock him in hell gate.
Using submission move seems more advantage.
5 years ago#7
The best option is to smash him with every object you can throw and after you have full momemtum hit with a finisher. I did that in about 70seconds
5 years ago#8
Do this-
1. Take him to the weight lifter.
2. Hit him 2 times the press R.
3. Hit him 4 times with the chair, 1st time when he is downed with the weight lifter.
4. Pick him up and [] him to the cupboard then press O.
5. Then pick him and hold [] then release after some time.
You should be done if you do it fast enough, and then he will be unlocked for u.:)

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