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#1hardcore rpg gamerPosted 10/14/2010 5:22:14 PM
Browsing though some of the game data, so I know this list is right. I may have butchered some of the remix names though. And NB Ranger Nonstop remix is only half the song (so no NB Power and Dark Envy <_<). Unless it's specially hidden in challenges and arcade like Son of Sun Extended version was in BS.

Beautiful Girl
Become Myself
Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong
Desperado (N skook Mix)
Dream of Winds
Drum Town
Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix)
Funky People
Get Out (Hip Noodle Mix)
Gone Astray
Hanz Up!
Keys to the World
La Campanella: Nu Rave
Leave me Alone
Love is Beautiful
Luv Flow (Funky House Mix)
Luv is True
MASAI (Electro House Mix)
Mellow D Fantasy
NB Ranger: Nonstop Remix
Outlaw: Reborn
Put Em Up
Rage of Demon
The Rainmaker
Raise Me Up
Say it From Your Heart
Season (Warm Mix)
Sunny Side (remixed)
Supersonic (Mr. Funky Remix)
Sweet Dream
Syriana (Blast Wave Mix)
Waiting for the Sun
Your Smile
Zet (Mr. Funky Remix)
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I Wonder What The Special 10+ Songs Are.

#3MarioKartDavidPosted 10/14/2010 10:10:15 PM
I am wondering how can they not have oblivion, unless it's an unlockable
#4nittanylions191Posted 10/15/2010 5:25:20 AM
Oblivion was already in Portable, Classiquai, and Fever i think.
#5JiRiNcPosted 10/15/2010 6:00:01 AM
no Blythe me sad
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No Oblivion. D:

Doesn't matter. "Cosmic Fantastic Love Song" is the new "Ladymade Star". I am completely content.

On a side note, if you play "Cosmic Fantastic Love Song" on 3.2T (I think), the last REMIX note will play "Ladymade Star"'s chorus. o.O

I was wondering why the hell it sounded so familiar, then I thought "why the hell is 'Ladymade Star' playing"?
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#7nittanylions191Posted 10/15/2010 7:18:28 AM
yep, just like Funky People includes parts from "Desperado" and Xlasher includes a small part from "Taekwonburi". :D
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no I want you or MoB?

#9Vysion_of_booksPosted 10/22/2010 6:17:07 AM
Thanks for compiling a list.

I never understood why people want the same song in every iteration of a DJ Max game. I prefer hearing and playing new songs each game. I am personally glad there are so few repeats.

Is it because you want something familiar for long combo runs? Or perhaps a different note path for a favorite song?
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#10nicoga3000Posted 10/22/2010 6:20:04 AM
Why? For me, Blythe = amazing. Hearing it again and getting to play it again in the new format with a new chart would be wonderful. I agree that new songs are fresh and fun, but a little bit of the same is never bad.

Also, I haven't unlocked everything yet - is there ANY DnB in this game?
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