DJ Max Portable 3 Limited Edition: My review

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I posted a review on Amazon/North America, and copied it here for your viewings. Comments please?

Holla DJ Max, and welcome to America. Thanks to PM Studios (and Pentavision!), this game franchise has finally seen it's way West, with a totally new, and fresh game for our Stateside audience. While DJ Max Fever came out here, in North America, it was a rehash, and not quite what DJ Max #3 brings to the plate, this outing.

This review is more of a review of the Limited Edition package, and less of the game itself. Look for a re-edit at a later time, after I get a chance to wrap my thumbs around the new gameplay. I have played a bit, though, so I'll note a few, key new offerings.

Firstly, the package is understated, compared to it's past offerings most notably DJ Max Portable 2. I have all the Limited Editions, for every PSP release, accept for DJ Max Portable 1. This package contains the UMD version game, complete OST on CD, and color picture book of graphical drawings of gameplay visuals. I also got an alternate artwork UMD cover, with my copy, which shows the young, hip, girl, eye candy singers, on the cover. I'll try to upload a photo of this alternate artwork, as well as pictures of the Display packaging, and contents. The box is a bit difficult to open, and is not as classy a packaging as say "Hot Tunes" (Japan only release) or DJ Max Portable 2. The box is significantly smaller than every prior release. All in all, I was not dissapointed, however, as others I've seen mention on the various message boards.

The CD is enclosed in a fairly normal plastic casing, but not a standard jewell case normally sold with CD's. All or most of the songs are included in the double CD. The packaging seems more protective then most standard jewell casings. I think it looks awesome. The CD also contains the song words in a very pretty booklet, which fits nicely in the case, and won't crumple after multiple openings. The case is very much like a PS3, or Blu Ray case, large enough to store the two discs, and booklet, with no damage to its contents.

The picture book is a very nice hardbound, standard for LE releases for DJ Max, and contains most, if not all the game pictures you see whilst playing. Any DJ Max collector would love to have this gem. I'm happy to welcome it to my collection. Recommended.

The UMD game is very well thought out. There is a new "Remix" mode, which adds a certain challenge to gaming, and provides a new way to use the analog stick. I have not mastered it yet, but the game is still realitively new, just need some time. I notice the soundtrack is a bit mellow, and more pop, compared to earliers OST's. I prefer this, not liking the overly heavy offerings from DJ Max 1, and 2. More on what the Classiquai edition gave us. But don't get me wrong, there is some incredibly intense offerings as well. I won't list out specific named songs, at this time, but look for a list at a later time. Also, most are fairly new songs, so names won't mean too much, even to seasoned DJ Maxers.

I also love how they re-mixed some old favorites, making them sound quite different, and not laying off the "pop" of the original tune. Again, I don't have the exact titles at hand, but you certainly will recognize the melody of many, with a slight re-mixed twist.

I recommnend this Limited Edition package, but gave it one less than 5 stars, since the Limited Package is so much less than what is normally offered, I couldn't give it a perfect score. I give game play 5 stars, since this is a great fun game to play!

PS2Gamer4Life says check it out!!!

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It really bothers me that you used "accept" instead of except.
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Why did you post this on Amazon when Bemani Style were the only people to sell the LE?
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And being called a "DJ Maxer" sounds ridiculous.
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Wow, you people just came here to rip on the guy.

Chill out guys.
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Zero: You don't know how many times I've seen LE's for sale on Amazon. People do that all the time. I saw several Crew editions listed up there for DJ Max Fever.

Amazon readers are more casual gamers, and DJ Maxer would only offend "us hardcore gamers." Sorry.

I'll re-read my review, but I do know the difference between "except" and "accept" so I'll "accept" your criticism. Thanks.

LOL, I don't mind the ripping as long as it's done in good taste. Just try to be mature is all I ask.

Thanks all.
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