Can you check the version of your game?

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5 years ago#1

In the main menu, what do you see as a version of your game in top right corner? The reason I am asking is I see the announcement of v1.1 patch on steam, but my game still shows v 1.0.0. Does it mean I have difficulty updating the game?

5 years ago#2
I was trying to find that update too. But today my version of Steam updated, then after that. I clicked the "Play Game" for Shogun 2. And it said : "Updating Shogun 2" then it loaded, I don't know what my version says though, I never looked. Not sure if that helps or not though.
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5 years ago#3

Could someone please look at the version of the game? It is in the main menu (the first screen you see when you run the game, after the intro movie) in top right corner.

5 years ago#4
to check the version of any game, or program:

1. find the .exe file
2. right click it
3. go to properties
4. click details tab

its listed as product version 1.0.0 in the detail as well as in game. build 3241.0

The first patch may have been recalled because it was locking people out.
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5 years ago#5

Thanks! It is exactly the same version as I see in the game. So, they recalled the patch despite of the fact that it is listed as "fixed" on the steam page - they did not fixed the patch, they just reverted to original game...

I wish they produce the patches (the good one, that you do not need to recall) faster. This is excelent game, but it is SO fricking buggy!

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