Wait, what? Sexual themes?

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5 years ago#1
You have -got- to be kidding me.
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5 years ago#3
Yah, it's one of the formations you can make with all of your troops in a group. There's Flying Goose, Something Dragon...Something Tiger...Something Crane.....ok wtv the point being, it's called The Pointy Phallus. You can imagine what it looks like.
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5 years ago#4

Also, if you've read the encyclopedia, there's quite a few sexual references. Especially about the illicit buildings.
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5 years ago#5
Pretty sure you can build brothels.
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5 years ago#6

Read the description.
You can build a whole red light district in the game, not just a brothel.
5 years ago#7
Yes, because the mature explanation of the how geishas were not just prostitutes is exactly the same as full frontal nudity and hardcore sex. At least according to the rating people. :p
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5 years ago#8
I'd assume due to the linking of sex and death; as within the dying monks haiku.

Translation can be found here:

Nothing succeeds like failure.
5 years ago#9
I don't understand why anyone (who is not an overprotective parent/moral guardian, but I assume they don't browse these boards) would care about ratings.
When I was a kid, I played "M" and "AO" games like a champ.
5 years ago#10
I played M, but AO? Damn, how the hell did you get your hands on that stuff as a kid. Honestly though as I've matured I don't think kids should be playing M rated games because they start getting desensitized to violence. I'm not as concerned about the rise of sexual content in media, but I am concerned about the overuse of blood in many games. I remember back in the day T rated games hardly ever had blood, but now it's almost expected to have blood and only E rated games don't.
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  3. Wait, what? Sexual themes?

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