Shogun 2 Not Starting At All Anymore

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5 years ago#1

Hey im having a problem with this game and when i start it nothing happens at all. Pretty much i have been able to play it for the last week or so and then i exited the game yesterday and about an hour and a half later i tried restarting and nothing happens my mouse will stay in a spinning blue circle (like when its trying to load something) but nothing ever happens. After i try to open it nothing else like flash player, other games, or even the log off sound when i log off doesnt work i have to force a shutdown. In my task manager it shows up as a task but its not responding. The only way to get anything else to work again is restarting pc (shuting down then pressing button) and not trying to run shogun 2 at all. If anyone has any suggestions or help it would be very much appreciated tyvm.

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5 years ago#3

ExCoOps posted...
Cool story bro.
Blah blah.

thx for the help...

Anyways for some of the ppl who are having the same issue what i did to fix it is

1. Go to your steam library (if you cant get there shutdown your pc then restart it and see if it works)

2. Rightclick shogun 2 and click properties

3. Click on the local files tab

4. Click on verify integrity of game cache button

This solution was taken from Hellenos

then it will take about 2-8 minutes to verify for me it went to about 70% verified then down to 50% then slowly back up to 100% and said that it was fine. Meanwhile though steam started downloading an additional 98kb update for shogun 2 even though i had just recently updated it. After the update was done i selected shogun 2 from steam menu and it seams to be working again.

5 years ago#4

NVM i try again now and its the same thing as my first post it and trying the method to fix it again doesnt help at all...if anyone has any ideas or anything it would be appreciated alooot.

5 years ago#5

well just saying steam just downloaded a 47 mb update for shogun 2 looks like it fixed prob


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