Odd campaign situation

#1kyuthanayePosted 4/29/2012 3:45:45 PM
Well i have conquered the whole island i started on in as the Shimazu and have expanded into the Ouchi territory, and then i looked at the map. I realized that there were only a few countries left: Me, Chosokabe, Takeda, Oda, Date, and the Honma. The Takeda had all of northwestern Japan and had around 20 provinces, the Oda had all the land around Kyoto (except Kyoto, which i have) and had around 15 provinces, Chosokabe had all the southern land, and then the Date and Honma were still in their starting provinces. Is this normal, or did i just get a huge fluke on my very first campaign?
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#2egoflux0Posted 4/29/2012 5:24:07 PM(edited)
Sounds about right. Honestly, usually within 20 ~ 30 seasons or so, about a handful of clans start getting really large, leaving usually about 7 or 8 clans left in total. This is part of why I keep playing the game, each playthrough can be substantially different from pretty much season 3 or 4 onward in terms of who owns what lands and who gets wiped out. I've even had a game where the shogunate was wiped out by an NPC clan before I had a chance to take it myself... lol.