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User Info: bbc13

4 years ago#1
If they made a sequel to this great game, and this is the best wrestling game of all time, they could make so much money by making a sequel to this game, I mean the raw vs smackdown games are the same every year just with roster updates, here is who they should add to a sequel if its made:

Razor Ramon
Lex Luger
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Bam Bam Bigelow
Adam Bomb
Rick Rude
"The Model" Rick Martel
1-2-3 Kid

Alberto Del Rio
Dolph Ziggler
Zack Ryder
Daniel Bryan
Damian Sandow
Darren Young
Titus O'neill
Antonio Cesaro

They usually do a special wrestling game around Wrestlemania time, so wee will see what they come out with next year, hopefully it will be All Stars 2 with a different name, Wrestling All Stars would be cool
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