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How To Execute These SIgnature Moves

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5 years ago#1
there's a lot of signatures i can't do a few of them are below anyone who knows how to do this Signature pls... help...

Kane - Tomb Stone Sig
John Cena - Jumping from turnbuckle
Stone Cold - Jack Hammer Like Suplex (dont know the exact name)
Randy Orton - (Stomping On The Guy Then Deliver A Vicious Foot Stamp)
HHH - Spinning neck breaker
The Rock - Spine buster
Sheamus - clobbering the guy with two handed closed fist

theres a lot more but thats all for now tq,,,
5 years ago#2
jupzter posted...
there's a lot of signatures i can't do a few of them are below anyone who knows how to do this Signature pls... help...

Kane - Tomb Stone Sig

Sheamus - clobbering the guy with two handed closed fist

i know the sheamus one is just A and X at the same time. i use it a lot with my caw, you can hit it from a good distance and nail up to three people at once with it.

i think kanes is either that or B and Y. don't think there is any special condition for it. did it twice in the fantasy match.

some other things to try is running and hit either AX or BY.. and throw the opponent in the corner and try it.
i tried being serious once, in 1989.. didn't particularly care for it.. so don't expect it to happen again.
5 years ago#3
Looking at the guide, it seems for The Rock Spinebuster you have to move the left stick away and press quick strike (X) and quick grab (A) all together.
John Cena's leg drop has to be performed from the top turnbuckle and you can press either X+A or Y+B to do it.
Orton's foot stomp appears to be just Y+B.
Stone Cold's Inverted Suplex is X+B (if thats the suplex you referred to)
HHH Faling Neckbreaker is Y+B and his spinning Spinebuster is X+A.

Hope this helps.
P.S. Don't have the game but have the guide, i know stupid, but just can't afford the game right now, though i'm desperate for it!
5 years ago#4
There is a TOS viloation here but I can't find it. Any help is appreciated.

scoop slam toss: QS+QG
jumping head scissors: Away+SS+SG
Step on chest: SS+SG
Corner slam: QS+WG or SS+SG opponent must be slumped in corner

finisher: Lifting Head But

three amigos: QS+QG
head scissors: SS+SG
Gory Special: away+QS+QG
Lasso from el paso: away+SS+SG

finisher: Frog splash

scoop powerslam: QS+QG
backbreaker: SS+SG
atomic knee drop: away+QS+QG
jumping leg drop: running+SS+SG opponent on ground

finisher: Jumping leg drop, yep hogan has his finisher as a sig...

short arm clothesline: QS+QG
inverted atomic drop: SS+SG
gut wrench gut buster: away+QS+QG
knee lift: away+SS+SG

finisher: DDT

double snap mare: QS+QG
missile drop kick: QS+QG from top turnbuckle
gro*n leg drop: away+QS+QG
spinning toe hold: SS+SG

finisher: perfect plex

atomic drop: QS+QG or SS+SG
jumping knee drop: running+QS+QG
double axe handle: QS+QG from top turnbuckle
running sitout lariat: running+SS+SG

finisher: Flying elbow drop

arm drag toss: QS+QG
atomic electric chair: SS+SG
spin chop: QS+QG or SS+SG opponent must be knocked down
wrest lock lift slam: away+SS+SG

finisher: top rope karate chop

back slam: QS+QG
spinebuster: away+QS+QG
peoples elbow: QS+QG opponent must be knocked down
swinging neckbreaker: SS+SG
Belly 2 belly suplex: away+SS+SG

finisher: ROCK BOTTOM

airplane spin: QS+QG
haymaker: SS+SG
atomic drop kick: away+QS+QG
punch flurry: away+SS+SG

finisher: Sleeper hold

teardrop suplex: QS+SS or QS+QG
figure four: SS+SG
Front flip elbow: QS+QG or SS+SG from top turnbuckle
Flying forearm kip up: running+SS+SG or running+QS+QG

finisher: sweet chin music

inverted suplex slam: QS+QG
Gutbuster: SS+SG
punch combo: away+QS+QG
slaughter cannon: QS+QG or SS+SG from top turnbuckle

finisher: Cobra Clutch

inverted suplex slam: QS+QG
m**hole stomp: QS+QG or SS+SG opponent must be slumped in corner
stun gun: SS+SG
lou thesz press: running+QS+QG or running+SS+SG

finisher: Stone cold stunner

lift toss: QS+QG or SS+SG
450 splash: SS+SG from top turnbuckle
360 double axe handle: QS+QG from top turnbuckle
Flying shoulder block: running+QS+QG or running +SS+SG

finisher: Gorilla Press Slam
Gamertag - BTLCJackBurton
5 years ago#5
cobra clutch backbreaker: QS+QG
Show Stopper: away +QS+QG
reverse powerbomb: SS+SG
chest slap: away+SS+SG

Finisher: KO Punch
spike piledriver: QS+QG
running bulldog: SS+SG
snap mare to sleeper: away+QS+QG
back body drop: away+SS+SG

finisher: Sharpshooter

straight edge clothesline: QS+QG
Punch kick combo:SS+SG
punch knee bulldog: QS+QG opponent must be in a slumped state in corner
step up enziguri: away+SS+SG

finisher: GO TO SLEEP

mounted punches and head butt: QS+QG
scot drop: SS+SG
inverted alabama slam: away+QS+QG
tilt a whirl: away+SS+SG

finisher: future shock


edgecution: QS+QG
edge-o-matic: SS+SG
spinning wheel kick: Away+QS+QG
electric chair face buster: away+SS+SG

finisher: Spear

double leg takedown: QS+QG
side belly to belly slam: SS+SG
corner slingshot splash: away+QS+QG
oklahoma stampede: away+SS+SG

finisher : Ankle lock

side slam: QS+QG
Delayed suplex: SS+SG
5 knuckle shuffle: QS+QG near the head of grounded opponent
air leg drop: QS+QG or SS+SG from top turnbuckle

finisher: AA

moonlight drive: QS+QG
capoeira kick: away+SS+SG
tornado DDT: SS+SG
rope spring roundhouse kick: running+QS+QG must be near ropes

finisher: Starship Pain

falling powerbomb: QS+QG
gorilla press powerslam: away+SS+SG
tombstone: SS+SG
Diving Clothesline: QS+QG or SS+SG from top turnbuckle

finisher: Chokeslam

trouble in paradise: QS+QG or SS+SG
Diving cross body: QS+QG from top turnbuckle
koronco buster: QS+QG opponent must be in corner
boom drop: SS+SG near head of grounded opponent

finisher: SOS


shoulder jawbreaker: QS+QG
reality check: SS+SG
rope neck snap: away+QS+QG
leaping corner clothesline: SS+SG opponent must be in corner

finisher: Skull crushing finale

running punt: QS+QG
orton stomp: SS+SG
inverted headlock backbreaker: away+QS+QG
rope hung ddt: away+SS+SG

finisher: RKO

mysterio rana: QS+QG
angel splash miss: QS+QG from top turnbuckle
wheel barrow bulldog: SS+SG
seated senton: SS+SG from top turnbuckle

finisher: 619

double axe handle: QS+QG
fiery red hand: away+SS+SG
irish curse: SS+SG
pump kick: running+QS+QG or running+SS+SG

finisher: High cross

spinning spinebuster: QS+QG
Kneeling facebuster: running+SS+SG
falling neck breaker: SS+SG
jumping knee strike: running+QS+QG

finisher: Pedigree

chokeslam: QS+QG
last ride: SS+SG
old school QS+QG or SS+SG opponent must be slumped in corner
running lariat: running+QS+QG or running+SS+SG

finisher: Tombstone
Gamertag - BTLCJackBurton
5 years ago#6
The lists are from here.,10993,wwe-all-stars-legends-all-signature-moves-and-finishers-full-list.html

If anyone sees the TOS violations in the post please tell me so I can edit them.
Gamertag - BTLCJackBurton
5 years ago#7
hey lemon....

could u post the buttons for SS, SG, ect... Looking at that sig list is confusing after looking at A+X Y+B for so long....
5 years ago#8
WG = A
SG = B
WS = X
SS = Y

I'm pretty sure that's the Xbox layout
Gamertag - BTLCJackBurton
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