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User Info: fatih361

6 years ago#1
scroll down.
awesome beast deck, rescue cat, mega hamster and ryko.

User Info: 1337_FF_GoD

6 years ago#2

...and it begins -_-.
Kraust Kasanami, The Secret Dragoon

User Info: BusterExia

6 years ago#3
Wonder how much until someone makes a VS topic...

User Info: Kaguya_Kimimaro

6 years ago#4
Beast Deck?, oh jump for joy.........I want my Spellcasters instead of beasts >_>
Meta-Decks in Yu-Gi-Oh have ruined the fun. Non-Meta-Decks FTW!.

User Info: BloodRedVegita

6 years ago#5
Thanks a lot Konami for starting me with a deck that 1 of the damn cards is already
banned according to "your" list...

meh it's fine... I jumped for joy when I saw Rescue Cat banned... Tbh I
jumped for joy when I saw this entire list confirmed. Such a wonderful
ban list.
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PSN - Neoyurikraz ------ OBJECTION dood!!!

User Info: wweflipchamp

6 years ago#6
I'm actually happy that the unicorns are being available at the start of the game. Wanted to try the deck out in the game since I saw them in anime
"Everyone has their own reason"-Cloud
PSN: flip-killah23 Pokemon Platinum FC:5241-9187-2223
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