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6 years ago#1
I've been tryin to make a good accel syncro deck but havent been able to come up with one can anyone help me get one together that revolves around the tech genus and shooting star accel's?
6 years ago#2
good luck with that
tech genus doesnt really work with other synchroes i think
The Silent Devil - PSN:Themadzeus
6 years ago#3
well i was hopin to fit the tech one in but im still workin on jacks story as well as other so yea lol
6 years ago#4
also forgot to add im also lookin one for shooting star mostly too
6 years ago#5
beat yusei's story and you'll get 3
The Silent Devil - PSN:Themadzeus
6 years ago#6
I did i meant a deck for shooting star lol
6 years ago#7
best one i've used was the /buster
i removed the /buster monsters an adde level one turners an level one non-tuners
The Silent Devil - PSN:Themadzeus
6 years ago#8
well im lookin for one that can summon them easily in one turn can anyone post a recipie for one
6 years ago#9
mine summoned both scar-red nova dragon and shooting star dragon in one turn but i cant remember the deck list since it was removed
The Silent Devil - PSN:Themadzeus
6 years ago#10
I have a deck that will summon both Red Nova and Shooting Star on occasion, and it uses Formula Synchron.
It's based off the Flamvells, and that is all I can give you as far as clues.
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