Please Rate my Six Samurai Deck

#1bloodmist13Posted 11/3/2011 2:32:43 PM
Monsters x 20
Enishi, Shien's Chancellor
Grandmaster of the Six Samurai x2
Great Shogun Shien x2
Hand of the Six Samurai
Shien's Footsoldier x3
The Six Samurai – Irou x2
The Six Samurai – Kamon x2
The Six Samurai – Nisashi x2
The Six Samurai – Yaichi x2
The Six Samurai - Yariza
The Six Samurai – Zanji x2

Magic x10
Gateway of the Six
Monster Reborn
Mystic Space Typhoon x2
Shien’s Castle of Mist
Six Samurai United
Six Scrolls of the Samurai
The A. Forces x2
The Warrior Returning Alice

Traps x10
Mirror Force
Return of the Six Samurai
Sakuretsu Armor x3
Swift Samurai Strike
Swiftstrike Armor x2
Torrential Tribute
#2xvalonx6Posted 11/3/2011 5:21:43 PM
If this is the best you've put together based on what you have, then it's decent.
But if you have the necessary materials, then this is a pretty low ranked shot.

Your best option for an ingame Sams deck is:

+1 Grandmaster
+2 Hand
+1 Yaichi
+1 Irou
+1 Zanji

-3 Footsoldier
-1 Kamon
-2 Nisashi
-1 Yariza

+2 United
+1 Dark Hole
+1 Heavy/Trunade (whatever's allowed)
+1 Book of Moon, play around with this)
(+3 Upstart Goblin

-1 Castle of Mist
-2 The A. Forces

+2 Solemn Warning and/or +2 Bottomless
+1 Solemn Judgment
Speed Spell 3 is your friend.

-1 Breakthrough
-3 Sakuretsu Armor
-1 Swift Samurai Strike
-2 Swiftstrike Armor
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#3zeldamasterkid0Posted 11/9/2011 11:27:15 AM
You mean Spell SPeed 3
Speed Spell is a lie
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#4xvalonx6Posted 11/10/2011 11:28:17 AM


I had complete word dyslexia there.
Spell Speed 3. Counter Traps.
Not Speed Spells. Speed Spells are like the cake; they are lies.
Master Cheat: John 3:16 it may just save your life!