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Just got this game, few questions (Archived)Umbris_Letalis27/4/2013
How to disable the use of the Move once I started? (Archived)Edmond Tan17/4/2013
how rare is cuprum? (Archived)marc5517/3/2013
Extend Skills i have no idea how i made jaynus to keep both (Archived)marc5547/2/2013
how can i use com skills ? (Archived)marc5567/2/2013
dont know why they made a new system instead of improving the old one (Archived)marc5527/2/2013
Im learning this game right (Its worth a chance after all) (Archived)Jx101036/30/2013
So if I missed a Jainus event(spoilers?) is it done? (Archived)ERYT1326/27/2013
No event at line 48 (Gen 1) of Master LL True End Guide (Archived)Edmond Tan26/26/2013
LL Guide Problem: No event at line 158 (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
so um.. weiss died.. (Archived)thanatos31356/20/2013
One Eva's Great Tree Event Solution (G1) (Archived)Budukai46/20/2013
Stuck + confused + battle = I need a hand (Archived)Jx101026/19/2013
Is it true you cant get all attack skills in one game? (Archived)Black Robe Sage66/16/2013
Controller Question (Archived)Yurioki26/11/2013
Agarest War 2 story rating ( Please no Spoilers ) (Archived)TalesZero26/11/2013
Creation and lineage (spoilers) 2013 (Archived)jakeyma2116/8/2013
Why cant I get Felenne' affection maxed? (Archived)LittleYami36/7/2013
Besides the Gods of Light, an Agarest 3 should also give more insight on... (Archived)LittleYami55/31/2013
About TP Farming (Archived)LastBatallion75/30/2013
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