I won't provide any links, but I might as well mention that...

#1HermanTuttlePosted 6/4/2011 12:00:43 PM
the arcade version of Otomedius was dumped and is fully playable on PCs without emulation.

The display is all glitchy because it's only designed to run with its cabinet's touchscreen and an E-Amuse card reader, but it works.

I'd never play it over buying this version though, because you can't save your game, it's missing the extra modes, and isn't in HD.
#2LesserAngelPosted 6/4/2011 10:31:07 PM

From the sound of it, you're doing us a favor by not providing us a link lol.

#3HermanTuttle(Topic Creator)Posted 6/5/2011 10:01:23 AM
No, it's worth it if you just want to get a taste of the game, since there's no demo.