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6 years ago#1

So. I'm kinda stuck and can't get remotely enough SP for those.

On the Lionheart System Area I can get up to 70k.

The main problem there is that I have no Idea what a certain challenge wants from me, for some I find out somewhere during the Floor, but then usually fail shortly before completing them.And it seems they differ from visit to visit, what has worked giving me SP on one try didn't for the one after that.

So yeah.

I'd be happy if someone could provide me with:

- Some translation on what SP Challenge requires what (Japanese name -> English description what it requires)

- General Tips for achieving the 300k/1,5m SP for those two weapons.

- Pie.

6 years ago#2
Which world is the Lionheart located? I already kind of figured out the SP challenges for Post-game Agrabah and Hallow Bastion.
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6 years ago#3
I forgot to say but there are some SP challenges that seem really hard/impossible to do, so I would suggest that you spend 10% SP on those and just clear the whole floor since you'll most likely gain more SP compared to completing the SP challenge but make sure you pay attention to the SP challenge rate.

If you come across ones that you know how to do then spend 50% and be careful of getting damage (especially SP challenges that require to avoid certain number of hits taken).

There is also rare cases where you'll be forced to bet all of your SP and most times its either good or bad depending on the SP challenge.

For time challenges, try to kill all the data bug/glitch heartless as soon as you can and with some time leftover try to kill some other heartless and prize boxes for extra SP.

Avoid damage challenges, use a wide attack/magic that can deal good amounts of damage to multiple heartless and run far away until they disappear so that you can recharge your command attacks and avoid getting hit, you can also use the entrances (zone in and out) to recharge your Overclock to max by destroying the data blocks, especially the purple ones.
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PSZ FC: 3223-5684-9832 BD:AS FC: 2665-5532-7866
6 years ago#4
I just did the Lionheart challenges right now.
You must suceed in all of them with maximum rate to get the SP for the prize.


- Save your energy on SP collection from enemies and bug boxes. The amount is totally irrelevant compared to the ratio exchange of SP from the challenges.
Doesn't matter if you kill and collect everything, you will still need to succeed in each of of them.

- Except for the first challenge, i recommend sticking to the strong skills which are air enabled and hits more than once (ie: forget Slides, Slams, Dives and such), like the Air Spiral (the vertical spin flying forward), Chain Rave (the one where Sora goes forward spinning the Keyblade on his hand), Gravity Drop (awesome! Obtain it on a quest in Destiny Islands. He jumps, creates a gravity ball that sucks the enemies around and then drops them hard on the floor), the Chain Thunder magic, and such. Don't hesitate in equipping more than one of those. At least one Cura, of course. Most annoying, hard or time consuming enemies here will be flying ones. Also the multi-hit is important to prevent missing for last challenge.

- Use Command Ring to prevent enemies from countering your commands. Also use Navigator Compass and Fuser Chain to protect you against confuse and no-jump status. The red armor from hell with hunter shots that debuff you will appear sometimes on cleared rooms and can make you lose the time attack if it screw your mobility.

- I recommend lv35 minimum, but the more the merrier.
6 years ago#5

1) Ignite heartless 20 times - Easy one. Fire magic helps, but it will probably kill the shadows in 1 hit, wasting them and limiting the amount of available. Best way is to use the Last Resort Keyblade (the 3rd one). It's lv Max upper ability is Attach Fire. Smash blocks (reenter rooms to make them respawn) until you activate max level, then go attack some heartless to ignite them. Don't kill fast, wait for them the ignition to fade before atacking again to recast it. Guaranteed win.

2) - Dont jump more than 20 times - Pathetic, just dont jump, you dont need at all. There are ladders and you can air dash to places, but you can still do it a bit if you want to save time.

3) - Time Attack - Hard. Time is tight, because one of the two rooms is a labyrinth. Zip through the lower level of this room looking for the bug heartless and unleash everything you have on them. Then jump for the upper level and air-dash around to look for others. The small room is easy. I recommend turning off the auto switching to keyblade skills on bottom screen during fights so you always have the map for quick reference without having to switch it back all the time. Use the Keyblade Power of Hero (4th one) with Protect (2nd skill of lv2), Full Swing and Heavy Attack (3rd skills of lv3 and lvMax), it will kill quickly the flying gremelins.

4) - No healing commands allowed - Not exactly hard, but methodical and lenghty. Use Last Resort Keyblade (3rd one) again, with the Regen skill (3rd skill of lv3) and Attach Blizzard (2nd skill of lvMax). Go slowly, and kill anything that comes, or it might interfere when you fight the bug enemies. Whenever health gets below half, smash blocks until you have at least lv3 overclock for Regen to kick in. Re-enter rooms to respawn blocks (purples are the best). Don't be reckless, defend the spider blocks attacks before unleashing your skills.
The real danger is the dragons, they will own you if you are careless. Lock-on them and just walk/roll to the sides until it either come down to attack with it's pawns or do a roll charge, Then air-dash quickly at him and attack a bit (no full combo). When blizzard kicks in, go wild with your aerial skills. Run to another room if things get though and recharge health. The game memorizes each heartless current health of all the rooms.

5) - Don't miss more than 5 times - Now things gets tricky. NEVER attack, use only multi hitting skills for more safety. For the spider blocks, no mistery, just defend and unleash a skill (just) when it stops. Don't try to use consecutively. Make sure it just attacked or jumped giving you room for a safe use, or it might jump right when you use it. The tricky ones are the Devils. They fly fast around and do 2 things: Charge at you with Sword, or fly up spinning throwing energy balls. You need to hurt it right after he attacked you. Just block the sword or balls, then jump and air dash quickly and do a single skill. Problem is that sometimes, after using sword, it will shortly fly up to throw balls and will make you miss. If you want to be 100% sure, just defend and only attack it after the energy balls. Also, it's best if you fight them in upper level, where there are no shadows, and try to corner them to limit their horizontal movement. Be careful about Gravity Drop, it might miss. I remove it. Don't screw up and take your time, be safe. Rushing up things will make you lose.
6 years ago#6
Thanks a lot nicklessguy. Thanks to you I now have Lionheart. It was still a lot of work but at least it was POSSIBLE.

I suppose you don't have the same available for the 13-floor ultima area?
I mean, you wouldn't have to give explanations as to how to pull it off like you did for this, just the translations about what stage requires which challenge would be enough (I hope).
6 years ago#7
where are the system area for those keys?
6 years ago#8
For the 13 floor one, i think the first floor is "Use a Megalixir".
Don't remember the others though, gonna check.
6 years ago#9
tiuxehanort posted...
where are the system area for those keys?

Ultima is in Hollow Bastion after beating the game.

Theo ther one is in Traverse Town after beating the game.

Don't remember which rooms they were in, just run around until the System Area Search activates itself.
6 years ago#10
Checked, still doing it.
1st Floor is use a Megalixir
2nd Floor is Clear whitin 100 Seconds
3rd Floor is make 15 enemies get the Aero effect(not sure on this one yet, in any case, Wishing Lamp has Counter Aero so it's gonna be easy to check)
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