Trophy Guide and Keyblade Guide

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Rare Prize Roundup- Break all the rare prize boxes
Lord of Loot- Get all enemy drops (refer to dozingdevil's guide)
Sector Sweeper- Clear all system areas
Sultan of Slot- Fill the entire stat matrix with stat chips
Cheater- Use every kind of cheat in the stat matrix
Champion Collector- Collect 70% of all abilities, chips, cheats, weapons, and items
Avatar Collector- Collected at least 50% of the avatar parts
Avatar Sweeper- Clear all avatar system floors
Icer of Titans- Beat Ice Titan in Olympus Coliseum
Eliminator's End- Defeat the Eliminator
Twilight Triumph- Beat mystery opponent in Castle Oblivion
Justice For All- Get all enemy data
Weapon Wizard- Power up every keyblade
Converter Lv.100- Convert a command to level 100
Converter CR Lv.100- Convert a command to level 100 and have the overspec CR
Command Master- Every Command To CR
Closed Book- Beat the game to the end
Quest Bester- Complete All Quests
Proud Achievement- Complete the game on proud
Critical Acclaim- Complete the game on critical
Fatal Flawless- Beat a world with 1 health (you must have hp cheat on)
Technician- Beat the game with Sora being Lv.15 or below
W1 Speed Runner- Beat world one in CO in under 5 minutes
W2 Speed Runner- Beat world two in CO in under 15 minutes
W3 Speed Runner- Beat world three in CO in under 15 minutes
W4 Speed Runner- Beat world four in CO in under 10 minutes
W5 Speed Runner- Beat world five in CO in under 15 minutes
W6 Speed Runner- Beat world six in CO in under 15 minutes
W7 Speed Runner- Beat world seven in CO in under 30 minutes
W8 Speed Runner- Beat world eight in CO in under 10 minutes

*Spoilers On Areas* *Spoilers On Areas* *Spoilers On Areas* *Spoilers On Areas* *Spoilers On Areas*

Kingdom Key- Starting Keyblade
Wishing Star- Complete Traverse Town
Lady Luck- Complete Wonderland
Olympia- Complete Olympus Coliseum
Three Wishes- Complete Agrabah
Oblivion- Complete Hollow Bastion
Zero/One- Complete Hollow Bastion 2
Oathkeeper- Get Star Rank On Final Boss
Metal Chocobo- Go to Olympus Coliseum and get to floor 27 and open the rare prize blox
Lionheart- Complete Traverse Town System Sector in Alleyway for about 300k Sp points
Ultima Weapon- Complete Hollow Bastion System Sector in the place with the floating floor
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Make this into a FAQ!
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You listed the speed run trophies wrong. It's the separate world on replay mode, NOT the card worlds in CO.
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Oh right thanks
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where can i see the trophies that i already have?
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In debug reports in the main menu
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From: yomo777
Screw i sound like a noob how do i edit my post?

Click message detail then it will give the option to edit.
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I got the Lord of Loot trophy by getting 80% of enemy loot.