The Super Bikes are ridiculous.

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3 years ago#1
I've done 40 online races this week and every single first place dude was using a Super Bike. Almost every top 5 was also using a Super Bike.

Their boost drains and recharges so fast by default that it might as well be unlimited but then with water and mid-air cooling they turn into a ****ing joke with how stupidly fast they can consistently go.

Whenever I use a car I feel like I should just quit out.
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3 years ago#2
You obviously don't understand the vehicle tier list.

The reason that the superbike is winning all the time is everyone who is racing the superbike users aren't really skilled players. In ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TRACK, the dirt bike is the fastest. I suggest you learn that vehicle before you complain about the superbike.

Plus the superbike is very easy to use.
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3 years ago#3

yeah. the superbike is basically that noob weapon that everyone who doesn't have any skill with anything else uses. personally i'm not a fan of any of the bikes(or the ATVs) cause they're too weak, if you get into any kind of confrontation(even with another bike) you're screwed, although it is more 50/50 against another bike since you can both hit each other. and like the above post says, it's really just a matter of being a more skilled player. i can beat pretty much any noob on a superbike no matter what i use, but anyone with skill similar to or higher than mine can hold their own against me with anything they use too.

it's also somewhat a matter of finding the vehicle class that best suits you and master it. i use muscle cars, but only cause i love muscle cars in real life, they're not really the best performers in the game. during times when winning the race is more important that unlocking parts for other cars for whatever reason, i tend to use racing trucks instead cause they perform great all round. i alos love the Castro F80, classic pickups ftw!! lol

3 years ago#4
umm did a patch changes things? when i first got this game at release super bikes never won, they had no high speed.
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  3. The Super Bikes are ridiculous.

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