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is brain age math express a DSiware title?ObtuseAngina310/20 4:31PM
New3DS - to trade in or not?Limen123510/20 4:31PM
Pokemon TCG coming to VC on Nov. 13
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powerclaw11110/20 4:30PM
I will miss Club Nintendo.
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Run_its_alive1410/20 4:26PM
To those who went from XL to smaller N3DS...chibabas410/20 4:23PM
Sonic Lost World for 3DSbicboi64410/20 4:23PM
Code of Princess (i had fun with this game)bicboi64610/20 4:22PM
I walked into my local EB Games the other dayTurbo_TRex810/20 4:12PM
Pokemon Puzzle Challenge and Pokemon Trading Card Game out on VC this month!!NewportBox100s410/20 3:44PM
How long is the Pokemon demo?GigaDogqHD310/20 3:09PM
Sonic Generations
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bicboi641610/20 3:05PM
Why the lack of a Warioware game?
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Storrac1510/20 3:00PM
Anyone else having problems connecting to the internet with their 3ds right now?TheRobofish610/20 2:58PM
so I lost my Nintendo 3ds and I had about 500$ in digital games
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daveftw8411410/20 2:47PM
when's the new 3ds coming out?
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lovestocomment1110/20 2:46PM
Atlus games on sale in eshop, surprises no one.Flame552510/20 2:21PM
...weren't the new themes free in the Theme Shop?
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Whinpful1410/20 2:03PM
Shantae and the Pirate's Curse launch trailer.
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BeanBeanKingdom1110/20 2:00PM
Latest update and battery?jopatura410/20 1:55PM
Do you plan on buying any 3DS themes? (Poll)
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ThunderSeal6010/20 1:42PM