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Why we shouldn't complain about Persona Q priced at $50 at launch
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KillZoneAI3711/22 11:45AM
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Why was Luigi's Mansion 2 re-named Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon in America?
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Spade21X3011/22 10:44AM
This OR/AS postgame embargo situation sets a terrible precedent.
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RatheV5211/22 10:31AM
Is MK7 still worth playing/owning if I already have MK8?RyuVegas911/22 9:59AM
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Japanese eShop 3DS have English Pokemon Omega Sapphire?HeartTranquil411/22 7:57AM
Sonic Boom theme not working?Crums44311/22 7:57AM
Special Mii - Ohmoriwolflordrufus311/22 7:45AM
Suggest one game on 3DS/WiiU that will get me into castlevania.
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Primum_Mobile2111/22 7:13AM
What is the difference between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest?
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Spade21X8011/22 7:08AM
Cart not reading, any way to tell if it is fried?Kalphoenix511/22 6:46AM
Doctor Lautrec & the Forgotten Knights any good?hellbringher311/22 6:42AM
What do you guys think of Fantasy Life?
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locky7232311/22 6:21AM
Anyone know the new 3ds date?gothicjoeevil711/22 5:47AM
New 3DS PAL/Australian Import
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rantme2011/22 4:55AM
Hypthetical remake of Super Mario 64 (Poll)
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RatheV2111/22 4:36AM
the sonic boom theme is pretty goodmabber_III911/22 4:35AM