Will 3DS games work on DSi or DS Lite?

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PS3's just a redesign. Last time I checked, it has Playstation in the name, looks like a PS2 to me, so really it's just a redesign/upgrade of the PS2.

Xbox 360's just a redesign. Last time I checked, it has Xbox in the name, looks like the original Xbox to me, so really it's just a redesign/upgrade of the Xbox.

thank you.

Trenken, that was just a very ignorant statement.

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the main reason 3ds games wont play on ds is because 3ds game cartridges have a little notch on the side of them to prevent specifically that (them to be put into a ds.)

no, thats not the MAIN reason. even if they could fit into the DS, they wouldnt play because they are not made for the DS.
they are made and coded for an entirely new system, running on much more powerful hardware.
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i mean if they for some reason decided to make the game with dumbed down graphics and the top screen resolution was made for old ds standards
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@ trenken

So is the Nintendo 64 just a redesign of the Nintendo Entertainment System? They both have Nintendo in their titles.

Or is the Super Nintendo Entertainment system just a redesign of the Nintendo Entertainment system?
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"This isnt a DS remodel TC."

Last time I checked, it has DS in the name, and it looks like a DS to me, so it really is a redesign/upgrade of the DS.

This is not an entirely new system. If it were, it would be different in almost every way, not use touchscreen, etc...

I wish it was completely new and unrelated to the DS.

Are you serious? LMAO.
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3DS games will not be playable on the regular DS. But I do believe there will be "hybrid" DS games that will play normally on the DS, but will be in stereoscopic 3D when played on the 3DS.

I'll make a new thread about it.
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Yes, they will 100% work on the DSi or DS Lite. If you remove the special bit preventing them from being inserted of course.

But that part isn't necessary, after all, they put it on just so you could remove it.

Incidentally, what about the DS? Doesn't it get a say?
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it makes it seam like ds and dsi are completel useless now. i would have expected them to have a much longer life. i guess nintendo can get away with it.
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6 years is a short life? GBA lasted about 4 years, GBC 3. You get the idea.

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