There will be POKEMON black and white a version for the 3DS!

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Nintendo of Japan, via new CoroCoro scans, have revealed that the Nintendo DSi and Nintendo 3DS will have exclusive features in the upcoming Pokemon Black and White versions, revolving around both system's built-in cameras.

According to the scans, if Pokemon Black or Pokemon White are played on the Nintendo DSi or Nintendo 3DS, you will have access to video chat using the built-in cameras, both locally and over Nintendo WiFi connection. This featured, called "Live Caster", can be done with up to four friends who you've exchanged Friend Codes with locally and with up to two players over WiFi.

Both versions will also feature a "tag" mode, similar to how Dragon Quest IX works, although what this mode will do is still unknown. More information about triple battles was also released, revealing that attack strengths will differ depending on the placement of the Pokemon in your party. Finally, each versions will have it's own unique area, White Forest for the White version and Black City for the Black version.

Pokemon Black and White are set to be released this September in Japan with a early 2011 release in North America and Europe.

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Old news and it doesn't belong on this board.
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Video chat? Aw yeah...
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"Black City"? They need to come up with more creative
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For the sake of giving the "ZOMG DIS ARE RACIST" people their money's worth, make Black City full of gangs and White Forest full of pansies.
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Video Chat?


I mean, after chat roulette? There is no way they'd let people video chat with random strangers.
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I wish I could remember the names of the morons who told me "DSi can't handle video chat" and "It's a regular camera, so it cant shoot video".
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From: K3wlness | #005
"Black City"? They need to come up with more creative

That is the rough translation, but the names always change when they are finally localized.
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I doubt they're change Black City since it's the Black Version... Unless they randomly changed Black Version and White Version into Charcoal and Chalk Version or something silly like that.