So what does Power-saving mode do? >_>

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Where does it "save power"?
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The 3DS saves power through the use of its mutant abilities and utility belt.
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I rarely turn power-saving mode off. It makes a noticeable difference, along with turning wireless off.
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It makes the screen yellow-ish! =)
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When the image on screen is darker, the LCD displays a slightly brighter version of that image while at the same time lowering the brightness of the backlight behind the image. So, for example, if the screen were showing a dark grey image, then the LCD would show a light grey image but turn the backlight down so it looks dark grey.

One of the biggest side-effects of this is a noticeable loss of contrast. Even the horizontal lines in the Screen Brightness menu seem to disappear when you turn Power-Saving on. Whites can no longer be white.
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endoflevelboss posted...

Where can I adjust whether or not I am "online"?
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nintendogger posted...
endoflevelboss posted...

Where can I adjust whether or not I am "online"?

Go to "Friend list", then go to settings, then "Friend Notifications Settings", and toggle it from there.
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