Square Enix Game to be Announced

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4 years ago#51
Marcster1994 posted...
Crystal Chronicles 2, Crystal Chronicles 2, Crystal Chronicles 2, Crystal Chronicles 2


Yes, a legitimate sequel with cycles, actual difficulty, atmosphere, minimalist story, the narrator, folk music, and maybe online multiplayer.
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4 years ago#52
What time is it being announced?
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4 years ago#53
Maybe Tomb Raider for 3ds or Hitman.
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4 years ago#54
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4 years ago#55
cancelled game, nothing to see here
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4 years ago#56
PSI_IKE posted...
McMarbles posted...
Dinoman96 posted...
Who even cares how about this company anymore.

Because they still have Dragon Quest.

and they're ruining that too

No, just no.
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4 years ago#57
False alarm. Sorry guys. =(
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