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How can I contact Nintendo about eshop problems?TaticalWarrior58/29 6:38PM
Have a Mario Kart bundle 3DS XL, question about system transferDirtyHarry1118/29 6:36PM
enough of all this new 3ds nonsense... tell me about azure striker gunvoltzezgod78/29 6:35PM
the hell am I suppose to do with my all my current 3DS models.PrettyBoyMarth98/29 6:34PM
Anyone still getting that Smash 3DS XL console?xKitsunex98/29 6:32PM
Coloured buttons again!
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VanderZoo118/29 6:24PM
The New 3DS is hardly a shocking reveal, really.furygods28/29 6:16PM
and there i was, looking at 64gb SD cards at Best Buy three weeks ago...MarkMilton78/29 6:16PM
How much do you think Dashboard/Home Menu Themes will cost?pipebomb__sushi108/29 6:10PM
People seriously need to calm down, New 3DS is no different than the GBC or DSi.
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Blk_Mage_Ctype418/29 6:10PM
New 3DS has a internet filter you have to pay to unlock
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PraiseNatalia678/29 6:09PM
YR: 'New' Nintendo 3DS's only exclusives are....
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deathbycookies118/29 6:09PM
Should the New 3DS be a next gen handheld?hmoobpaladin88/29 6:04PM
I can't wait till you have to pay 30c to view rated M and T digital games!furygods98/29 6:02PM
So when will we get a new message board for the new 3ds?
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The NEW 3DS deservers none of your hate
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NeoMonk118/29 6:00PM
Not too excited about the new 3DS.Stax22128/29 5:55PM
YR: 3DS is Nintendo's last handheld.mariobros0118/29 5:55PM
does the eshop version of RE Mercenaries support the CPP15OneAndDone38/29 5:54PM
I wonder..... will the New 3DS...spealfan44458/29 5:54PM