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So apparently my R button is broken.
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ColdReticence235/18 8:25PM
Luigi's Mansion 2 or Zelda a Link Between worlds
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ramseanGoodbye205/18 7:55PM
Class 6 vs 10 memory card for New 3DS XL?GamerZero145/18 7:14PM
When will Nintendo just cut the crap and announce more 3DS games?
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TasmanianTiger7185/18 6:27PM
I think the only game I have that has amiibo functionality on the 3DS is SSB4.Chenmaster265/18 6:00PM
Games to play on your birthday?
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19darkdenizen92115/18 5:58PM
Any news for another SP weekend?WitchBaby420045/18 5:36PM
Been gone from 3DS for a while. Catch me up?phisho87365/18 5:33PM
Ironfall's Multiplayer?Numbuh10015/18 4:43PM
Is it time to drop the 2 versions of Pokemon?
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Nertak445/18 4:40PM
One thing I dont get about the faceplates for the N3DSKiurx35/18 4:14PM
Stella Glow Demo on the 20th in JapanHop10325/18 4:13PM
New 3DS/New 3DS XL owners: which 3D intensity setting do you use the most? (Poll)
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Ma1ikii115/18 3:59PM
there's barely any footage for the Runny Egg eShop game (Closed)m2k1365/18 3:32PM
What Non-RPG or Life Sim games would you recommend me?
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ChaseAlan195/18 2:25PM
Any games like Pitman/Catrap?nemerz15/18 2:23PM
I bought my 3DS in 2013...
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To those of you NOT collecting amiibo figures..will you be picking up the cards?
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Spade21X395/18 1:47PM
Magical Starsign.
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aliashubbatch175/18 1:40PM
Harvest Moon 3D A New Beginning worth $19.99gatsbyy55/18 12:59PM