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Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D, or Fire Emblem: Awakening. Which is better? (Poll)
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Ace-of-Clubs194/30 11:12AM
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If Nintendos next system is VR, would you want 3DS virtual console on it?FireHorsePrime64/30 10:41AM
Club Nintendo QuestionsWiredKnight34/30 10:41AM
Is the 3DS finally in #beastmode?
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potatochobit134/30 10:29AM
It's pretty funny how even the N3DS can't even download while playing games.
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PS4Warrior824/30 9:53AM
any good games for about $7?AnthonyBrock234/30 9:41AM
How grindy is Xenoblade 3D?
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SegavsCapcom344/30 9:40AM
Are their any easy 3DS games out there that I can play??The_Orignal94/30 9:35AM
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How do you redeem a digital guide on 3DS?rexcrk74/30 9:07AM
Do you have a Japanese 3DS? (Poll)Awkward_Fantasy104/30 9:04AM
which pokemon game should i buy?PJ201474/30 8:48AM
Fire Emblem If standard New 3DS Bundle announced
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Shadow Stalker X114/30 8:34AM
Is there a way to replace my New XL's face and back plates?MabinogiFan14/30 8:08AM
Do you use the Game Notes tab?
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ZebuFrenzy154/30 7:36AM
My 3ds list feels lacklustered
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ethsfan114/30 7:16AM
is the pikachu 3ds xl cannon because the main character uses it in XY??
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asukaaa164/30 6:30AM
Is Etrian Mystery Dungeon worth it?
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ColdReticence114/30 6:21AM