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why wasnt the nn3ds nub a stick instead of what it ismdinehart34/24 9:47PM
What LE N3DS are you waiting for?
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PARKSLang364/24 8:57PM
Has anyone gotten any club Nintendo physical items yet?
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Homie_202184/24 8:51PM
PSA: USA eshop cards via digital delivery now on ebayeinsteinecker44/24 8:12PM
Your 3DS E3 wishlist?
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CutthemacX174/24 8:12PM
3DS' quality control is... not so great. What quirks have you experienced?JonTripz74/24 8:11PM
about wystonesCloudHiro44/24 8:07PM
How often do you charge your N3DS XL?
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Lobomoon134/24 8:03PM
WTF? There's no ac adapter that comes with the new 3ds?
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justchill4331684/24 7:48PM
So why didnt the newXL have face plates?marioparty1784/24 7:32PM
Questions to Australian 3DS owners.ssj4toegetta44/24 7:30PM
2 white dust inside upper new 3ds xl screen is factory defect?Jerry_Strong24/24 7:26PM
Weeding Day AC New Leafdm998214/24 7:26PM
Recommend some Luigi games and Yoshi games for my brother:PokemonMegaFan44/24 7:20PM
If I never plan to buy a single game of the 3ds eshop..
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derpdaderpy114/24 7:16PM
Codename Steam or Pokemon Omega Ruby (Poll)587Deathking44/24 7:14PM
While MH4U was worth the money, it's too much grinding for my taste.
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King_of_Flan224/24 7:11PM
Is the New 3DS XL physically strong?-Komaiko54M14/24 7:02PM
Puzzle & Dragons Z looks amazing
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ajm587164/24 6:40PM
upgraded to the n3ds, it was an upgrade in life.zelgamerguy34/24 6:26PM