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The 3DS Board is going to crash once Smash releasesSpade21X69/15 4:14PM
packaged my 2 day old 3DS XL, how much can I get off it?PollGuy5469/15 4:10PM
"Nintendo eShop is currently undergoing maintenance"7up1001109/15 4:05PM
Smash infinite combo already found.Hercik159/15 3:56PM
Any new DBZ game hope for 3DS?
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Haseeb_BSAA139/15 3:48PM
Games like Hotel Dusk
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astutecollie229/15 3:42PM
Should I play Bowsers Inside Story before M&L:Dream Team?
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Blackmagikks129/15 3:38PM
Nintendo's site shows 2 amiibos that aren't included in the amazon preorders.
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MetalGearOnAcid139/15 3:38PM
any word of any new metroid titles in the works?MetroidHunter1349/15 3:28PM
Whats the difference between the old and new Theatrhythm?GigaDogqHD79/15 3:15PM
My 3ds backlogjeffmusta49/15 3:14PM
Where do you purchase your video games from?
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Spade21X429/15 3:06PM
Thanks Nintendo for the free 40$ worth of demos
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mcquizx219/15 3:04PM
My 3ds got wet and won't turn on! :(happyfood12349/15 2:44PM
Does the XL have the "top screen scratches" problem the original has?
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the20thvongola219/15 2:29PM
Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire? (Poll)
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iammaxhailme309/15 2:25PM
Does the 3ds emulate DS games?
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TheMKDestroyer119/15 2:17PM
I got 7 StreetPasses, but none of them arrived in my plaza.illusivedude79/15 2:07PM
error code: 007-5503 Ninendo eshop is currently undergroing maintenance.luigi3389/15 2:04PM
What to do with my Pikachu XL??
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Spade21X249/15 2:02PM