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Which Pokemon game should I get (single player only) (Poll)
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Nyah163/4 3:14PM
Nintendo DS games are best enjoyed on the Nintendo DS, period.
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Spade21X193/4 3:06PM
How much should i sell my MH4U N3dsxl for?abbeldydoo93/4 2:50PM
Pokemon white and gold vs Pokemon black an blue
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pollguy55273/4 2:42PM
(YR) Plot Twist! Next Pokemon game is called Pokemon Delta Emerald Z.
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Spade21X173/4 2:41PM
Physical or Digital if digital was half the price of physical?
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linkaegar603/4 2:25PM
So unlike FR/LG and HG/SS, OR/AS are more than just Remakes, right?
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Spade21X173/4 2:25PM
do you think we will get a Xenoblade themed N3DS
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AceMos143/4 2:15PM
Should I wait until Corpse Party is localized or just purchase the iOS version?Spade21X83/4 2:14PM
So where are dem reviews for Codename Steam21_2133/4 1:59PM
Hacoboy coming to US as BoxboyNonSubwayJared53/4 1:49PM
To those who ordered the N3DS Hori Clear Case Protector on Amazon
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GIare193/4 1:37PM
Wayforward Sale
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Zero1478133/4 1:26PM
Is there any reason to keep my DSi XL?CarefreeDude63/4 1:16PM
Correct me if im wrong but.Porotto83/4 1:09PM
Do DSiWare games still give/ever gave CN coins?Ninkobra33/4 1:07PM
When gamers say that a game is "Vanilla"...
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Spade21X323/4 1:04PM
Question about SD cardsMoonPrinceBrad23/4 1:01PM
Why are some GBA Virtual console games Wii U exclusive?
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CarefreeDude603/4 12:49PM
Beyond the Labyrinth? Time Travelers?nemerz63/4 12:48PM