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New system update- v 8.1.0-18U
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Shadow Stalker X337/25 1:35AM
The new update made my 3ds more stable! It also enhanced my user experience!jeof9617/25 1:28AM
The lack of Mecha Games in NA is very disgusting!jeof9617/25 1:25AM
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How good are the 3DS Resident Evil games?
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Gameboy advance (and color) titles worth getting.
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forte347/24 11:35PM
Don't get me wrong but... E3 really didn't do much for the drought
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Tyranius2437/24 11:09PM
Siesta Fiesta gets a 9/10 from Nintendo Life - link included
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stargazer64167/24 10:58PM
Anybody else noticed the "Repair Software" option on the eShop?Ninkobra37/24 10:45PM
Removing NNID from eShopmeowpik77/24 10:30PM
Are we Getting Little Battler Wars at all ? This game looks awesome
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NeonYoshi11217/24 10:26PM
So does the old Pause trick still work in the 3DS Blaster Master? Anyone try it?symach47/24 10:00PM
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