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Anyone buy Legend of Dark Witch?
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linkaegar3410/19 8:15PM
Are the Translucent 2DS Pokemon Bundles coming to North America?SlickGamer310/19 7:59PM
IronFall still coming to 3DS, no release date set, game in the final stretchthecorre7710/19 7:55PM
How do profiles work?koluanx410/19 7:35PM
Mother of Arceus!!! Kid Icarus: Uprising _
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Nend03210/19 7:34PM
3DS XL restarts when trying to access Nintendo IDklaxender510/19 7:21PM
Is it safe to assume Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City will be remade too?
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Spade21X2410/19 7:19PM
Woo 5 free themes
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PS4Warrior6210/19 7:05PM
What games best use the 3d?
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Megatonez1110/19 7:03PM
What games should I buy..? UGHBikabenownz810/19 7:00PM
Now that I got an XL CPP....lifelack110/19 6:54PM
How would you feel if they replaced the Pokmon cries with ones from the show?
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MoreLemonPledge1210/19 6:24PM
Game cartridge remains "detected" after removalNeyrv610/19 5:57PM
Should I get Pokmon Y or wait for omega ruby?drsgangsta141910/19 5:36PM
Should I buy a 3DS XL now, or wait for the new model 3DS?
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fhsfootball741110/19 5:32PM
ive been wondering to canadian e shop cards work or american 3ds eshop?AceMos910/19 5:19PM
Why do people ***** about difficulty ?
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Spade21X4010/19 5:09PM
Why do people keep saying the 3DS looks like a toy?
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TheMisterManGuy1410/19 4:41PM
cant we just have a do-over on paper mario sticker star?
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xKitsunex1110/19 4:29PM
Is it more likely we see the next Animal Crossing on 3DS or Wii U?fhsfootball741010/19 4:20PM