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New Super Smash Bros 3DS XL Console
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lyaannie149/19 6:47PM
Why is it called layton vs wright and not layton x wright?
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IrateGameFAQer189/19 6:31PM
Anyone care to list games NOA decided to censor?
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Chrome76239/19 6:19PM
Poll: Are you getting Persona Q? (Poll)Crash_Override9109/19 6:02PM
FYI Atlus's TGS stuff should be at 4:30-5:00 AM EST.
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pikachupwnage249/19 6:01PM
Is there any game that invokes more hype than smash amongst nintendo enthusiasts (Poll)Innerwrath59/19 6:00PM
Is Donkey Kong (game boy) on 3ds eshop?Isiah Zombie89/19 5:55PM
Persona Q has more pre-orders than Smash Bros.
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cutthemac16189/19 5:55PM
Does gamestop still give you money for a regular 3ds?KirbyStar50059/19 5:35PM
Mario and Luigi XL bundle....lifelack29/19 5:31PM
Is SE gonna bring over Final Fantasy Explorers?
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darkqueenhelba139/19 5:26PM
What rumors have you heard about future 3DS games??outworld22299/19 4:28PM
So people really paid for the Smash demo?knightoffire5589/19 4:06PM
How many GBs sd card does the New 3DS hold.outworld22249/19 3:59PM
So is SSB4 the most technically impressive game on the 3DS?ThatKipp79/19 3:48PM
I'm thinking about getting Smash digital
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TriangularTwig279/19 3:36PM
Recommend me some games?SigmaSlash79/19 2:47PM
I don't have many 3DS games and I'd like to get another.wantfastcars79/19 2:34PM
Terra, Squall and Lightning are transformations in Final Fantasy Explorers.
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Lucretia_Merces309/19 2:28PM
New HD Scans of the LE Smash Bros XL
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Retroxgamer0149/19 2:16PM