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Should I wait for a Used New 3DS, or get a New 3DS, or just a new 3ds right now?teh1337gosu108/29 7:16PM
Just bought a 16gb sd card. Are downloads from eShop normally slow?StarmanAnthony48/29 7:14PM
How many exclusive DSi games were there anyway?Cyath58/29 7:14PM
They should've called it "Super 3DS".ThePlasmaStorm48/29 7:14PM
Are we even allowed to like the "New" 3DS systems here?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Lucretia_Merces358/29 7:12PM
How dare they create a console with exclusive games!Cookie Bag18/29 7:10PM
So hold the phone. You can only play Xenoblade on the new 3DS? What?
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
twa556408/29 7:10PM
How does extra Ram going to benefit the New 3DS?furygods88/29 7:08PM
Nintendo is still lacking at their naming ideas.
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The new 3DS will support head tracking?bassyura38/29 7:06PM
new 3DS - PS vita killer?
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bybyr498/29 6:57PM
New 3DS garbage should get its own message board.
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luigi33308/29 6:56PM
So how long do you think the chaos will last?
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Tzuba12168/29 6:55PM
Xenoblade 3DS poor graphics
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
ORANGE666228/29 6:55PM
Fire the guy who came up with the name
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-Excaliburn-158/29 6:53PM
Man people chill out, so much backlash going on
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andizzle29662158/29 6:51PM
3DS U would have been a better name.teh1337gosu38/29 6:51PM
A new Mario Kart for New 3DS?
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Nintenfan1456158/29 6:48PM
Still no grip on thumbstick?Chadawah18/29 6:46PM
I wonder would there be a Senran Kagura 3DS Theme/Wallpaper...furygods18/29 6:43PM