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Is it worth checking out the Megaman ZX series after Azure Striker Gunvolt?
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DrunkenPilot72169/23 7:05AM
So this is how the uk gets the pokemon demom0986-819/23 6:40AM
Is Sm4sh worth $240?
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Second_Hokage249/23 6:39AM
Super Smash Brothers Demo = Greatly satisfied, logged over 10 hours!
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videogamesrox249/23 6:30AM
After nearly two years, I finally finished my first streetpass puzzle panel...Spideymaster99/23 6:27AM
For anyone with the Japanese 3ds, is there a smash brothers puzzle swap?TheLastSpecies39/23 5:27AM
Would you rather buy the game directly, or buy the game as a download code?lvalice59/23 5:20AM
The best demo of all time is either P.T. on ps4 or the recent Smash Bros. demo
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darealest47179/23 4:34AM
Could F-Zero make a comeback on the 3DS?
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Scarecrow1711299/23 4:09AM
Do you find that some Mii characters are attractive to you? (Poll)
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Gaming King149/23 2:25AM
If Fire Emblem 7 got a remake, should Lyn's age be 15? (Poll)
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ThunderSeal249/23 2:15AM
Is Azure Striker Gunvolt as difficult as the Mega Man Zero games?
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Spade21X139/23 2:00AM
Question about the circle pad proGoku6139439/22 11:57PM
How are people streaming SSB for 3DS on Twitch?HeroicSomaCruz29/22 11:01PM
The N3DS customizable faceplates
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The_Orignal199/22 10:46PM
Any way to make the circle pad more "grippy"?
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Puckswack12119/22 10:42PM
Will ORAS demo be available on the eShop?KodakKid349/22 10:39PM
New 3DS, No DataAnarchy_America109/22 10:35PM
So thinking of returning animal crossing...Th3Daywa1ker59/22 10:14PM
Did isaac return as a assistant trophy yet?Rabbit-Flareon29/22 9:57PM