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It's official... Capcom has betrayed Nintendo... RE:R2 is on vita
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Canadian Eshop versus American Eshop?
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I wish we had a good Kill La Kill, Naruto or Puella Magi Video game on 3DS.
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Oshawottownage239/21 12:52PM
used 2DS price
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jump__0129/21 12:20PM
New Persona Q Teasers from Atlus in ENGLISH!
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NeoMonk139/21 12:14PM
Persona Q has more pre-orders than Smash Bros.
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cutthemac16209/21 12:13PM
SSB4 Techniques , Videos in the thread .
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spenser211169/21 12:05PM
Looks like Smash is using the heck outta the 3dsFlamer_Blue99/21 11:53AM
What game in history above all else would you like to see get ported to the 3DS?
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samuraigaiden299/21 11:44AM
PMD Gates to Infinity worth a shot?
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Dyno_Storm199/21 11:40AM
I'm gonna suit my XL and both wrists up for Smash Bros come October 3rd .CheeseIsSoFat59/21 11:39AM
Incredibly Slow Downloads on my 3DS.
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CalistoCoon189/21 11:38AM
If I were to preorder SSB3DS, where would be the best place to do it?
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King_of_Flan219/21 11:03AM
Why does game release rate feel like a trickle with nintendo?TheSteelPhoenix109/21 11:03AM