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3ds v 3ds xl - which is better for rpgs?
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HeartTranquil1911/26 6:32PM
Why isn't SMTIV among the top 3 most popular 3DS games?
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xenosaga12310211/26 6:30PM
Best Black Friday deals for 3DS XL?Xa3r0x511/26 6:26PM
Never played Pokemon. X/Y or Ruby/Sapphire?
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Hudsucker20XX2311/26 6:16PM
What's a good 3DS game if I love trumpets?XenogearsDisc2311/26 6:09PM
Stop it Nintendo. JUST. Stop it!
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N64Mario1311/26 6:08PM
Which Devil Survivor Overclocked ending path is best for a happy ending? Spoils
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DarkRay1171411/26 6:08PM
New puzzle swap and nintendo gold pants mii.
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TheLastSpecies1711/26 5:50PM
Upcoming online sales for 3DS XL?Phase 8311/26 4:38PM
Anyone trying to get the super mario bros 2 3DS XL at Walmart on Black Friday?WiiBrawler911/26 4:25PM
Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire sold over 3m units WW, ~1.5M in North America
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Yoko2711/26 4:01PM
Nintendo offering free games (not for United States)
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ivycat201611/26 3:58PM
Can't use best friend message exchange in ACNL on new 3DS XLSuperNerdSoren311/26 3:30PM
Is there any way I can register my 3ds with just the serial?Pucciogaeshi511/26 2:49PM
Buying a New Console, Need Advicepapastalin1011/26 2:01PM
For some reason, a lot of LE 3DS are still available in my area.forceboy611/26 1:37PM
Natsumi game sale on the eShop
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ObtuseAngina1611/26 1:32PM
brightness v batteryTrilancerX211/26 1:19PM
Jumping into the world of the 3DS - Questions_ChocoboSage_811/26 12:56PM
broken touchscreen/ Is Etrian Odyssey enjoyable with auto mapping?
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Gdboyratedloud1311/26 12:28PM