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Curtian Fall or Project Mirai Remix?lvalice109/18 6:29PM
What other RPGs would you like to see a Theatrhythm out of? Could be any RPGs
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21_21209/18 6:21PM
Very late smash code.SillySquad49/18 6:21PM
Looks like 3ds is lacking games after smash?gamersince1993109/18 6:17PM
Should they make more top down Zeldas? (Poll)
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knightoffire55219/18 6:15PM
Question about NNID and pre-installed gamejaZzyjeff81859/18 6:05PM
for those buying the new 3ds/3ds'sghostboy1234579/18 5:56PM
WEEK 6 - 3DS Board Arcade Challenge (VVVVVV
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Remi0327129/18 5:56PM
Anyone care to list games NOA decided to censor?
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Chrome76139/18 5:53PM
IGN "love" the new 3ds.SKStylez69/18 5:51PM
"I can't stop touching the new 3ds LL"Genericgamer66799/18 5:45PM
It sucks for collecters right now
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GGuitarGuy95759/18 5:41PM
Does Senran Kagura 2 have a release date yet?Spade21X69/18 5:39PM
I really hope PoPoLoCrois: Bokujou Monogatari will be localizedAlbinosquid99/18 5:38PM
Planning to get a "New 3DS" when they come out here but...CDeikun59/18 5:36PM
To any Canadians out there, do we get the Smash Bros 3DS system as well?ryeu59/18 5:31PM
Advance Wars Double Strike is the hardest and best game I ownFlamer_Blue79/18 5:29PM
Where can I buy a Professor Layton costume?
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ThunderSeal119/18 5:25PM
Peeps ! MH4U loading times are improved on the New 3DS !
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CheeseIsSoFat169/18 5:12PM
Anyone else actually want a new Mario platformer?Spade21X79/18 5:02PM