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Is 3DS an embarrassing handheld for adults? (Archived)
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Heads up for Japanese 3DS owners: Great eShop promotion going on. (Archived)Matu_Van_Ar710/11/2013
Can I just copy/paste 3ds sd card into my pc and then copy back? (Archived)Milox3410/11/2013
Um... what's going on? Developers seem to be abandoning 3DS for IOS? Um... what? (Archived)
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system transfer question (Archived)
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Lol the eShop servers are getting swamped (Archived)
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Is futureshop or Bestbuy doing midnight launch on pokemon X or Y??? (Archived)GamerRaf310/11/2013
Suckurai refuses to make Kid Icarus Uprising 2 because he hates remakes/sequel (Archived)
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Accurate list of games available to everyone on eShop? (Archived)Djwlfpack9110/11/2013
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Cons about downloading Retail games. (Archived)iRaithYou810/11/2013
NA Pokemon eShop Now (Archived)
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3DS XL dirt under screen (Archived)
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Eshop error (Archived)ClearBlazer210/11/2013
Are you buying a 3DS for Pokemon? (Poll)FiendingHard610/11/2013
Why, Nintendo, WHYYYYY????? (Archived)N64Mario510/11/2013
Is there a way to check on eShop how big a game is? (Archived)NeonDragon9000710/11/2013
What exactly is the reason for lack of 3d in Pokemon? (Archived)MBBDarigon410/11/2013
Anyone getting a 2ds? (Archived)MetalGearOnAcid410/11/2013
Chain Blaster (eShop title) is actually pretty cool. (Archived)Banjo2553210/11/2013