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No need nintendo ID to buy DLC from eShop correct? (Archived)FIR_FIR56/17/2014
how much is a used black 3ds worth? mint condition played three times (Archived)JDKennedy619106/17/2014
Still no new Starfy game at E3? (Archived)Bat17886/17/2014
Final Fantasy Explorers Official Website is up (Archived)
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If a Capcom takeover happens. (Archived)1212-176/16/2014
If i do a system transfer to a system that has been factory reset but... (Archived)GreekTheftAuto36/16/2014
Best $30 game to buy and play intoxicated (Archived)
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How much do you think Animal Crossing New Leaf will sell Lifetime? (Archived)Sasha-46/16/2014
PSA: Shin Megami Tensei IV on sale for $24.99 (Archived)
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Thinking of selling my CN game case (the one with the zelda cover) (Archived)GreekTheftAuto96/16/2014
Transferring Pokemon from a DS game to a 3DS game (Archived)jayimmy46/16/2014
I have 290 coins on CN. what to do with them? (Archived)maoriwarrior76/16/2014
Buying GBA VC games on 3DS is just too brilliant. (Archived)Decapre66/16/2014
How are people's experiences buying XLs from CL? (Archived)GreekTheftAuto46/16/2014
Horror RPG OMORI Coming to 3DS (Archived)
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Nintendo Hopes to Talk About Metroid 'in the Near Future' (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Black Screen/Frozen HOME Menu Logo (Archived)evildarknight16/16/2014
Am I missing any must-have, currently released games? (Archived)XGamer54956/16/2014
Do 3DS styluses fit into the XL? (Archived)GreekTheftAuto86/16/2014
LF a game with Dark Soul's combat with decent exploration! (Archived)
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