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So if this is for little kids, then why can't they put it in their pocket? (Archived)
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the 2DS doesnt fold right? (Archived)Retroxgamer098/28/2013
you realize why the 2DS looks like this, right? (Archived)Big_Isaac18/28/2013
I'm buying a 3DS XL for $150. I, in turn am gonna sell my Reg Launch 3DS. Price? (Archived)haha thatsgreat78/28/2013
Does the 2DS emotionally affect you? Or can you accept how many did not want 3D? (Archived)
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They should've made a "slide" design (Archived)PangLa88/28/2013
Conspiracy theory time, folks. No announcement would be complete without. (Archived)NinjaKitsune18/28/2013
The 2ds was a joke 2 years ago,and still is today! (Archived)D-Reaper16108/28/2013
With the release of the 2ds when Nintendo comes out with the (Archived)yesterdayshero18/28/2013
Ambassador program 2.0 - current 3DS/XL users get...? (Archived)Mystical_NEET108/28/2013
2DS is for young kids, comes out same day as Pokemon and only 129.99! (Archived)
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USA Today: 2DS First Impressions (Author held it. etc) (Archived)IrateGameFAQer18/28/2013
My thoughts on the 2Ds and why you should be excited. (Archived)Dentenshi48/28/2013
2DS: The only reason it exists is because... (Archived)
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Is it bad that I actually want a 2DS? (Archived)
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The 2DS isn't TOO bad.. (Archived)Rupin_Salesman98/28/2013
Am I the only one who thinks the 2DS looks really comfortable? (Archived)ninto5568/28/2013
How is the game "Order Up" (Archived)QUIK58/28/2013
Will the 2DS play 3DS games? (Archived)RahzarX28/28/2013
can you pre-order at gamestop yet? (Archived)swablu78/28/2013