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DK Country Returns 3D Yay or Nay? And why (Poll)
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wow the 3d in donkey kong country returns (Archived)kukingina255/25/2013
People are hyping DONKEY KONG RETURNS? Seriously, now? (Archived)
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DS wifi trouble (Archived)Oh__snap95/25/2013
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How would you rate the 3DS's graphical might? (Archived)
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Are we ever going to see discounts on 1st party games @ eshop (Archived)Arkard65/25/2013
Rune Factory 4, Harvest Moon or Animal Crossing which to buy? (Archived)
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Favorite 3D Zelda (Poll)
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How will Sonic Lost World be played on 3DS? (Archived)RajakaiTheBeast45/25/2013
Question for those with Link's Awakening. PLEASE HELP! (Archived)tacomachef85/25/2013
Stationaries cost too much. (Archived)acoustiphile45/25/2013
Is there any way to get rid of old "to do" items on Club Nintendo? (Archived)parKb5105/25/2013
Since the 3DS can handle Wii games who'd like to see Fatal Frame IV 3D? (Archived)parKb525/25/2013