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I want to fill my FC list with active people please (Archived)nintendo300041/2/2014
How can I use scrolls in BD? (Like fire, water, etc) (Archived)
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cant login to E shop???? (Archived)Elias03R41/2/2014
The Most Essential 3DS Accessory (Archived)RadioOutrider41/2/2014
If I delete and redownload BD demo, can I start it over again? (Archived)Atykym41/2/2014
What was in the store update today? also sales! (Archived)XdieX91/2/2014
Error Cdode:022-2503 (Archived)WhyGeeGee21/2/2014
WTF Braveky default demo? (Archived)
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Well, I'm sold... (Poll)
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Negative effects of the 3D? (Archived)
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Cobalt blue 3ds vs silver dream team xl (Archived)Nend041/2/2014
So after an AMAZING year in 2013... (Archived)
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Not a complaint I swear! Question about downloading from the eShop! (Archived)WitchBaby420031/2/2014
Download previously purchased items? (Archived)AzureSkeith31/2/2014
Is there anyway to get coins for games I purchased on the eshop before linking.. (Archived)BlueBoy67551/2/2014
Whats the best online MP game for 3DS? (Archived)
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One thing I find difficult getting used to with my new XL... (Archived)
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Question about Cave Story... And dealing damage.... (Archived)WitchBaby420061/2/2014