3DS will be a letdown just like the first DS, GBA was too good to us.

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^^^That's offensive

i find you offensive for finding that offensive.
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Sony fanboy trolling ITT tbqh.

Yeah, because calling the GBA "too good" definitely makes someone a Sony fanboy, right?

Anyway, I kind of agree. The DS wasn't a letdown, but it was certainly nowhere near as good as the GBA.
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WTF? Context clues, man. "Ugh, Gamefaqs boards are horrible aside from NGG..." NGG is a gamefaqs board. One of the most popular boards, too.

Well what does it stand for then? I've never heard of it in the abbreviated form at least. If you know so much, then spill.
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nonstop gaming general. it used to be next-gen gaming but was renamed
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GBA is too good for us? Its inferior sound system BUTCHERED the music of so many SNES ports that I would never say it was too good for us. It was also horrible in dim lighting conditions until the SP. It's a good system but too good to us? No way.
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oh em gee
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How was the first DS a let down?

In my opinion the first DS is still the best one. Yeah DSi has cameras and some online features, but I can still play GBA on my phat :) and how many games actually use the camera so far?
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everyone scared that troll away but good

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''Its inferior sound system BUTCHERED the music''

harmony of dissonance comes to mind
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