Hey what if this had it's own Virtual Console?

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So, Valve does not produce high quality products because they use DD and Steam?

That combined with their horrible laziness (they are in fact the laziest devs in the world)
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Aww yeah
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It would be a must buy if it had a Virtual Console. There's so many Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games I missed out on. I'd like to see:

All of the GB, GBC and GBA Mega Man games.
Wario Land 3
Final Fantasy Adventure
All of the Final Fantasy Legend games.
All of the Pokemon games.

Off hand, that's all I can think of. If Nintendo really wants to make money, they ought to have a VC.
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and your Valve games

Valve only made a game yearly once, I think you're mixing up the Call of Duty franchise with Valve's games.

Half-Life: 1998 - Half-Life 2: 2004

Team Fortress Classic: 1999 - Team Fortress 2: 2007

Portal: 2007 - Portal 2: 2011

Left 4 Dead: 2008 - Left 4 Dead 2: 2009