3DS is the 3d of the future

#1SardothPosted 6/15/2010 1:18:51 PM
Seriously it's an amazing little device. It has the 3D technology of the future not to mention the ability to scale that 3D back. This is so important as studies have shown that around 15% of the population reacts badly to traditional 3d glasses viewing methods. I am in fact one of these people and the possibility of a true 3d technology that I can use without dentriment is pretty awesome. Not to mention the 3DS' free networking which if properly implemented could be amazing. Oh and first mass marketed 3d camera is an amazing concept to include with the device, and likely to cause a huge burst of 3d porn.

I thought that the trailer for Kid Icarus showed a lot of polish and with the huge volume of systems in circulation at E3 indicates the system's design is almost finished with maybe the battery still up in the air. Nintendo may push for that early holiday launch and make the 3DS people's big holiday purchase.

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