It doesnt have a D-Pad?

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  3. It doesnt have a D-Pad?
5 years ago#1
So I was watching the eye candy girl showing it off to the G4 nerds and she says it has a "touch-sensetive disc" in place of the D-Pad.

For real? Why change that now?
5 years ago#2
cause she and you are apparently idiots
5 years ago#3
Have you not seen a picture of it? Seriously?
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5 years ago#4
Did you not see the dpad...?
If you like a game, why do you care what console it's on?
5 years ago#5
I dont even play nintendo stuff so no I hadn't seen a picture of it. And the way she was holding it all you can see was the screen.
I was just wondering you dont gotta go into fanboy rage
5 years ago#6
it isn't fanboy rage because you said you were watching someone show it off
5 years ago#7
You assume it has no D-Pad, even though you haven't even seen a picture of the system, and when people tell you otherwise, you call it "fanboy rage"....

Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon.
Sho Minamimoto
5 years ago#8
TC, you're being painfully ignorant calling them "G4 nerds".
Official priest of the Great Church of Bidoof on the B/W boards. Herp Derp, master.
5 years ago#9
I meant the person who said I was an idiot. No need for name calling. everyone else was cool

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  3. It doesnt have a D-Pad?

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