Hey Rare, look, an analog pad!

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User Info: Etherealist

6 years ago#1
Go make the Banjo-Threeie everyone wanted so badly.
Yui Hirasawa is mai waifu.

User Info: PwNeRsHaTe

6 years ago#2
to bad microsoft owns them

User Info: D00MHunter

6 years ago#3
What does an analog pad have to do with this?
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I am relentless, unpredictable, waiting for your last breath"

User Info: MetaKirbyFan

6 years ago#4
I'th called a thwivel pad.
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User Info: fire2box

6 years ago#5

From: PwNeRsHTe | #002
to bad microsoft owns them

to bad the original team is long gone.

User Info: stek_SFE

6 years ago#6

From: PwNeRHaTe | #002
to bad microsoft owns them

Grunty's Revenge and Banjo Pilot say hi
Nostalgia: Clouding everyones judgment since the days when everything was better

User Info: lolwut

6 years ago#7
Rare is allowed to make games on Nintendo handheld consoles, since Microsoft doesn't make any (yet, anyway)

User Info: Gruntpunk72

6 years ago#8

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  3. Hey Rare, look, an analog pad!

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