Nintendo lost once again at E3

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6 years ago#1
Nintendo - Zelda, Kirby, DKC, Kid Icarus, Epic Mickey, 3DS, Metal Gear, Resident Evil, OOT remake, Kingdom Hearts, Street Fighter, Metroid Other M, GOLDEN SUN !!! and a ton of other games I cannot remember, because there were so many!

Sony - LBP2, Infamous 2, Portal 2 (ZOMG), Twisted Metal (hell yea), Killzone 3, Final Fantasy XIV, GoW....and ummm Move >_>

Microsoft -

MS wins yet again
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6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
lol k
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6 years ago#4
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6 years ago#5
Trolls really have lost their zest in recent times.

Must have something to do with the recession.
6 years ago#6
My cat is named Skittles....
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6 years ago#7
Bad troll is bad...
New Zelda + new Kirby + new Donkey Kong Country + 3DS + new Kid Icarus + everything else Nintendo announced = PURE EPIC WIN!!!
6 years ago#8
Lol at TC's sig.
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6 years ago#9
FFXIV? What the hell? Wasn't that announced like a year or two ago? And why is that in Sony's show? It's not even exclusive.
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