so I take it the 3DS is just as powerful as Playstation 2?

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Also check these screens out for RESIDENT EVIL REVELATIONS FOR 3DS! Looks exactly like RE5 in the graphics department.

Yeah, those look in game......
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It's probably the same as the PSP in power.
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.... I'm confused RE5... but 3DS = Wii specs.... I need to lay down......

All 6 gen system support bump and Normal mapping. Even dreamcast
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All 6 gen system support bump and Normal mapping. Even dreamcast

Source on this? I didn't think any of the 6 gens supported bump mapping.
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the processing power is supposed to exceed the wii seeing as they gotta display the top screen 2 to add the 3d effects. i thought that kid icarus trailer was a wii game tbh >_<. im sure the graphics are better than GC. and u can get more specs and pics at nintendo's site.
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you cant compared the 3ds to any consoles, here the reason why:

Consoles have very high res screens, including anything above a dreamcast. Because of this more rendering and processing is needed.

The 3ds has a resolution of a 400x240 screen. Just like the DS, the textures can only be seen in two ways, Crisp or blocky. Also add to the small screen, which makes thing look even more crisper instead of a huge TV.

Because of the low resolution, less proccessing power is needed the render the same thing then that of a video game console.

They can make more low polygonal characters that look smooth but look very blocky when played on a high res screen.

Companies can also use many cheap tricks to make the graphics work. For example if you look at Super Street fighter 4 screen shot, In certain camera angles, You can tell the character in the backgrounds are flat 2-d sprites, but because there rendered nicely, they look 3-d. This is how ROCK BAND and Guitar Hero fills up there crowds in the game without and chugging slowdown.

Becuase nintendo took this route, its definitly less stress on the processor. So they can spend more power on lighting effects and throwing in more sprites or characters.

The PSP res is a bit higher than the 3ds. The 3ds does have a powerful processor though, since it has to render 3-d models twice on 2 layers of screen to produce the 3-d effect.